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Eco Progress Ergonomia

Scrivanie e sedute ergonomiche Moll                 Moll desks and ergonomic chairs

            Cassettiera- Contenitore Moll C7                 

Contenitore -Cassettiera Moll C7

Dimensioni :

Larghezza 43 cm

Profondità 54 cm

Altezza 42 cm

Peso 26 kg

Caratteristiche speciali:

Frontali in sette pannelli intercambiabili colorati / decorativi Due grandi cassetti e un cassetto con serratura, offrono spazio sufficiente per tutto ciò che non è sempre visibile, ma dovrebbe essere rapidamente accessibile,

tutti con meccanismo di chiusura automatica

Il pad (CUSCINO) opzionale trasforma il contenitore in un comodo sedile .

Container-Moll C7 drawer Dimensions: Width 43 cm Depth 54 cm Height 42 cm Weight 26 kg Special features: Fronts in seven interchangeable colored / decorative panels Container with two drawers, lockable tool compartment, all with automatic closing mechanism The optional pad (CUSHION) turns the container into a comfortable seat.

Il pad (CUSCINO) opzionale trasforma il contenitore Moll C7 in un comodo sedile .

The optional pad (CUSHINO) turns the Moll C7 container into a comfortable seat

Cassetti per Cassettiera Moll C7

Desk and chair combine with the moll C7 container to create a complete stylish concept. Its front panels are matched to the moll T7 desk, and the optional seat cushion goes with the upholstery covers on the moll S6 and the moll S9 chair. The user receives a brand concept with lifelong use. Sustainability guaranteed thanks to Made in Germany.

With the optional pad, the mobile container moll C7 becomes an “emergency seat” when unexpected visitors arrive.

In two large drawers and one lockable drawer, it offers sufficient stowage space for everything that is not always in view, but should be quickly accessible.

Two castors with breaks ensure a secure stand.

Due cassetti forniscono spazio per un vassoio che contiene i formati carta fino all'A3. I lati frontali dei cassetti si abbinano al moll T7 e sono dotati di un meccanismo di auto chiusura tamponato.

Drawers of Moll C7 Two drawers provide space for a tray that holds paper sizes up to A3. The front sides of the drawers are combined with the T7 moll and are equipped with a self-closing mechanism.